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Our mission is to provide the opportunity for citizens to meet their academic, occupational, and enrichment needs. The goal of Winthrop Adult Education is to provide lifelong educational opportunities and services which address the unique needs of the individual  and the community by providing learners with necessary knowledge and skills. With our mission in mind we have offered some new programs to our learning center. 

Distance Learning

If you are looking for opportunities to complete high school, moving your career ahead, or preparing for college – we still have options available! Contact our office today to ask about enrolling and our remote learning opportunities.

Certificate Programs & Academic Enrichment

We have added many new and exciting courses to our program for the fall. Working with the Academy of Medical Professions and UGOTCLASS, we are able to offer 15 amazing career changing certificate programs. We also are offering academic enrichment, these courses include financial literacy, memoir writing, and american sign language.

Online Enrichment

With the help of some of our marvelous instructors we now have the opportunity to offer some free online enrichment classes. Check out our course tab in the header to explore our offerings.

If you are an adult with a diploma, or a high school senior on track to graduate the College Success Class is for you! In partnership with UMA, KVCC, CMCC and Winthrop Adult & Community Education you can earn free college credit.

In this class you will:
• Explore careers of interest to you
• Investigate colleges
• Learn about financial aid
• Complete the FAFSA
• Search out scholarship opportunities
• Learn how to streamline studying and taking tests
• Get organized for success
• Investigate research strategies
• Use online discussion boards
• Navigate learning management systems (LMS)

It’s free and it’s time.
Attend this course in person or remotely from the comfort of your own home.

Starts Thursday November 5 for 15 weeks 4:00 – 7:00 pm.
Call 377-2265 or email adulted@winthropschools.org

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